FREEMEN - Financial services for families & children

Essential account services for free – forever!


FRΞΞMΞN offers outstanding current & savings accounts for the whole family, as we believe every customer deserves our gold standard with essential financial services for free - forever.


The FRΞΞMΞN app offers instant account services and financial education.

Handle personal finances at a young age already and gain an insight into spending, saving and even investing for the future.

FRΞΞMΞN offers “Trusted Financial Services For Your Family”, pre-paid debit card solution for the whole family.
The first all-in-one financial solution tailored to modern families like Millennial Parents, Gen Alpha and Gen Z.
Green account solutions for families & children. Click for more information >>
We’ve started on a mission to create the super app for today’s conscious consumers.
Finance literacy for free.
Providing financial literacy is just the beginning: We are actively building a sustainable future for Millennial families & their children (Gen Alpha).
FRΞΞMΞN’s mission is to help people access financial services in real-time & at any time.
Empowering the generation that inherited the world.
Instant account services should be equally accessible to everyone, everywhere.
FRΞΞMΞN will help you create funds for rainy days.
Automatically round-up in every transaction to build an emergency fund, or as a new habit to gain financial independence.
FREEMEN - Financial services for families & children
FREEMEN - Financial services for families & children

Helping to manage your family’s finances.

  • Approve payments instantly with one click
  • Issue up to 5 cards (for you & family members)
  • Open accounts within minutes
  • Real-time notifications about any account movements
  • 24/7 excellent customer service, family-friendly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Disable/enable your card freely

Next-level budget management.

Our dashboards allow you to control your household budget, e.g. by setting up monthly spending limits for different expense categories.


FREEMEN - Financial services for families & children

FRΞΞMΞN offer the “Gold Standard” in financial services for free.

  • Download our app and join the FRΞΞMΞN movement now
  • Modern & reliable financial experience for our customers
  • Set up in minutes
  • Cancel anytime
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FRΞΞMΞN frequently asked questions.

We are a financial service provider for the UK & Vietnam population.
Family is always first - for the whole family (parents & children).
How old do you have to be to have a FRΞΞMΞN account?
For registering an account with FRΞΞMΞN, you need to be 18 or above, however, the main account holder can issue subsidiary pre-paid debit cards for up to four additional family members.
How does FRΞΞMΞN works?
After you download our app we will guide you with simple step by step methods to set up and use the app. There will be tutorials, guidelines & tours through the app. If needed our customer onboarding team will assist you to learn the ways of FRΞΞMΞN.
How to put money in the FRΞΞMΞN accounts?
Using common ways such as transferring or depositing.
When and where can I download the FRΞΞMΞN app?
We are expecting downloads to be available from IOS App Store & Android Play Store starting from Q4 2022. Try it now
Who are we?
FRΞΞMΞN is built by a dedicated team of young parents who would like to help you make the best impact on your family’s financial goals.
FRΞΞMΞN was founded with a single vision: transforming the lives of millions of underbanked families and young people by providing free access to financial education via our financial platform.
FRΞΞMΞN is focused on setting a new standard for financial and customer service, featuring: EQUALITY & SECURITY.
FRΞΞMΞN will offer you upon onboarding the selection of which non-profit charity to support at your own choice.
Join FRΞΞMΞN today, to be part of the Financial Freedom Family community.
FREEMEN - Financial services for families & children

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